Victoria for MAM Originals

Barcelona: A new campaign from the Amulet collection inspired by the seven different colors of the rainbow and their message of inclusion. A demonstration of how beautiful diversity is. Discover the New Amulet Collection.

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A Smart Model is a Good Model

Although flawless bodies and gorgeous faces are all that supermodels are expected to have, most of them also have passions and aspirations that lie outside the narrow realm of fashion. While the supermodels in this roster are intimidatingly beautiful, they are so much more than just pretty faces. Not only are the likes of Lyndsey Scott and Karlie Kloss inspiring trends in fashion,…

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What We Learned From London Fashion Week

The first fully digital fashion week from one of the four fashion capitals just ended. Was it any good? LONDON — This past weekend was always going to be unlike any London Fashion Week before. There were no live runway shows. No front row, backstage beauty scrum or heaving photographers’ pit; no mouthy security on the door or street-style snaps…

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The power of makeup is undeniable; our favorite products help us create the beauty looks we love, enhance our favorite features, and encapsulate our individual definitions of beauty. The best makeup routines help the modern woman boost her confidence and face the world head on—no matter what the day has in store. When it comes to makeup, skillful application can make…

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